The Happy Hunters
Frances E. Hunter May 8, 1916 - July 14, 2009 . Charles E. Hunter July 23, 1920 - June 22, 2010

Charles and Frances Hunter spent nearly 40 years leading "healing explosions," where they prayed for the sick and taught Christians about the ministry of healing. Known as the Happy Hunters for their ready smiles and quick humor, the couple wrote more than 50 books about divine healing, including the best-seller How to Heal the Sick. Their daughter, Joan Hunter, has taken over the leadership of Hunter Ministries since the passing of her mother, Frances Hunter, in July of 2009.  Her father Charles passed away in June 2010.  Joan flows in a greater anointing than her parents and has authored several books and travels worldwide just as they did.

Gifts to Hunter ministries are designated for missions efforts to bring God's healing power beyond the 4 walls of the church to the 4 corners of the earth.


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